Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus, March 2019

By January 15, 2018Event

A meeting with all project partners will be held in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted by the Cyprus Sport Organization. During this meeting, partners will focus on the following activities;

  • Discuss the results of the validation study developed ┬áin phase III;
  • Adjust the methodology to develop the comparison of sedentary behaviour, PA and sport data collected in all partner countries;
  • Adjust the planning of the phase IV regarding comparison of PA and sport participation prevalence in EU MS;
  • Develop the specific tasks related with the scientific publications related to the project;
  • Ensure complete readiness to complete phase IV, by all partners;
  • Deepen the discussion of the main issues related with the toolkit development.
  • Adjust dissemination and communication strategy and tasks;
  • Prepare the update of iNCD database on PA and sport.

This meeting is essential to ensure complete the readiness of all relevant parties to carry out phase V of the project in a timely and efficient manner.