Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria 12-13 of April 2018

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All project partners will meet in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports. The objectives of the meeting are to present, discuss and finalize the manual of operations for the data collection, which has been developed by partners from France, Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia. Moreover, partners will discuss and fine-tune details regarding the implementation of the data collection in all participating countries. Additionally, as EUPASMOS is an inclusive EU project, open for all Member States to join, the involvement in the project of new partner Member States is of high importance. Several Member States have requested to join the project officially from 2019, which will also be presented to all partners at the meeting. Lastly, reporting and country-specific tasks will be discussed to ensure project quality and proper management.

Kick-off Meeting in Budapest, 18-19 Jan. 2018

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On 18-19 January 2018, the European Union Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring System (EUPASMOS) project was launched in Budapest, Hungary, hosted by the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association. The European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Tibor Navracsics, as well as the Portuguese State Secretary of Youth and Sport, Mr. João Paulo Rebelo, the Hungarian Deputy State Secretary for Sport, Mr. Péter Sárfalvi, the President of the Hungarian School University and Leisure and Sport Federation, Mr. Gabor Balogh and the President of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, Mr. Augusto Baganha all emphasized their institutional support to ensure that the main objectives of the project will be achieved. The European Commissioner reinforced the relevance of this project to develop a monitoring system able to compare data among EU Member States, which will support the development of more adjusted policies to promote health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) and sport participation, and ultimately,  contribute to encourage people to live more active, healthier lives while contributing to sport development and innovation, sustainable economic growth and reinforce inclusion, social cohesion in more fair and competitive European societies.

Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21-22 of May 2018

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All project partners will meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by the University of Ljubljana. The objectives of the meeting are to fine-tune the necessary procedures to develop the data collection methods and discuss the strategy which to be carried out in each participating country. Additionally, the literature review to support the development of the monitoring framework will be approved by all partners. Moreover, reporting and country tasks will be discussed to ensure project quality and proper management.

Meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dec. 2018

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An all-hands meeting will be held in Amsterdam, hosted by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. The aim will be to discuss the results from data collection in phase II, as well as fine-tune the strategy to develop the deliverables associated with phase III. Additionally, this will ensure alignment by all partners and allow for discussion of potential challenges with the validation of physical activity and sport monitoring tools so that the strategy can be adjusted accordingly. The methodology developed to support data validation will be also discussed as well as the specific strategy to develop the scientific publications previewed in the project.

Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus, March 2019

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A meeting with all project partners will be held in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted by the Cyprus Sport Organization. During this meeting, partners will focus on the following activities;

  • Discuss the results of the validation study developed  in phase III;
  • Adjust the methodology to develop the comparison of sedentary behaviour, PA and sport data collected in all partner countries;
  • Adjust the planning of the phase IV regarding comparison of PA and sport participation prevalence in EU MS;
  • Develop the specific tasks related with the scientific publications related to the project;
  • Ensure complete readiness to complete phase IV, by all partners;
  • Deepen the discussion of the main issues related with the toolkit development.
  • Adjust dissemination and communication strategy and tasks;
  • Prepare the update of iNCD database on PA and sport.

This meeting is essential to ensure complete the readiness of all relevant parties to carry out phase V of the project in a timely and efficient manner.


Final Dissemination Conference, Lisbon Sept. 2019

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The project will culminate in this final conference, in Lisbon, hosted by the project coordinators, namely the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, with the aim of disseminating the results of the monitoring framework, communicate and introduce the toolkit generated, and propose the future steps for the EUPASMOS.

The event will include:

    • Presentations for the dissemination of the project methodology and results
    • Detailed presentation of the PA and Sport monitoring toolkit including availability of resources (website, publication and social media accounts)
    • Presentations and posters regarding country-specific and international scientific publications
    • Working groups and feedback sessions

Final meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, Sept. 2019

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The final project meeting will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth. In this meeting, partners will discuss project results and deliverables, participate in working group discussions, and plan future developments of EUPASMOS. Additionally, administrative tasks to support the elaboration of the final project reports will be a focus. Moreover, presentations will be delivered, regarding all publications, including the final version of the toolkit, as well as national and international scientific publications, resulting from the data collection and analysis of the results as previewed in the project outputs. Lastly, final adjustments in the dissemination strategy will be made.